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Tadika Raudhah Imtiaz

Tadika Raudhah Imtiaz

Tadika Raudhah Imtiaz telah berada hampir  selama  20 tahun dalam dunia pendidikan awal kanak-kanak iaitu sejak tahun 2001. Kini ia didaftarkan dengan nama Raudhah Imtiaz Holding Sdn Bhd pada 19 September 2019 dengan cop dagang (Trademark), Raudhah Imtiaz.

Yayasan Dana Kebajikan Muslim Malaysia

YDKMM is the best charity foundation to develop youth for the global leaders, now and in the future.

NZ Malaya

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, NZ Malaya has, according to guests, “Sincerely provide services that has the best itinerary and the best accommodations, never a second we felt unease or unsatisfied“. They have years of experience traveling around New Zealand and bringing people from all walks of life.

Kaffah Kids by Tadika Ilham Naluri (Islamic Sunnah Concept Kindergarten)

They aim to enrich the beautiful young minds, liberate, empower and motivate the children to use individual gifts with confidence, creativity and generosity in loving and responsible service. Kaffah Kids work hard to give the children the opportunities to develop as intelligent, independent, confident, wise and lovable young people.

MKM Ticketing Travel & Tours

MKM adalah sebuah syarikat agensi pelancongan yang bereputasi tinggi dan dipercayai hingga ke peringkat antarabangsa.

Timasia flooring

Timasia Flooring - Laminate and Vinyl Flooring Supplier in Malaysia

Top Rated Laminate and Vinyl Flooring Supplier in Malaysia. They provide SPC, Vinyl, Microcell Decking, Engineered Wood, Laminate and many more.

JEEL Fashion - Online Fashion Boutique

Delivering latest elegant designs & high quality clothing at an affordable price.

Kereta Sewa Murah - Bangi, Serdang, Bukit Mahkota Selangor

KSM Car Rental - Kereta Sewa Murah - Bangi, Serdang, Bukit Mahkota Selangor

  • Penghantaran percuma Bangi, Serdang & Bukit Mahkota.
  • Dijamin murah, bersih berkualiti & memuaskan.
  • Tiada harga terselindung & jujur dalan berurusan.
  • KSM mudahkan urusan anda, Inshaa-Allah kerberkatan keutamaan KSM.


Telediant Engineering Sdn Bhd (TDE) was incorporated on 2016 and located at Impian Meridian @ USJ Subang Jaya, Selangor. Their  business focus has been in the area of Engineering services, IP Networks, IP Telephony Systems, IP Surveillance, Network Security, and HD Display Solutions.

Healthy Volve Nutrition & Lifestyle Centre

Healthy Volve Nutrition & Lifestyle Centre

Nutrition Club provides members and consumers with a social-gathering platform to meet like-minded friends within the community to share, learn and motivate each other in their wellness journey.


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